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Today's job market and workplaces are more competitive than ever. Employers are now looking for prospect employees who are not just degree holders but also have relevant experience in the industry they operate in. So how do you stand out from the crowd and make yourself more marketable in the face of such challenges? By undertaking a program that will aid in growing your knowledge and skills through experiential learning.

Your Intern Experience delivers mentorship and employment assistance programs designed to fill gaps in your knowledge and skills and provide you with relevant work experience in the career field of your choice. Whatever your goals and motivations are, getting into any of our programs is a step into the right direction as it is an investment that will impact your future positively. Take a look at some of the numerous benefits you can gain from our range of quality programs.



We have partnered with a number of organisations from different career fields and they serve as hosts for those we vet and select for our programs. We closely work with them to provide participants with a mentoring opportunity that will give them relevant work experience in the career fields they want to be a part of.

Aside from that, tasks are also delegated to participants to familiarise them with the range of responsibilities a specific role entails and at the same time build their confidence and prepare them for job applications and interviews. With all that, you can acquire a competitive edge that will make you more attractive to potential employers.
We deliver personality and skills assessments to our programs' participants, helping them determine how well they are fitting in with the workplace culture and interacting with other staff. We also provide feedback to help participants know which areas they need to work on and which ones they excel at. With these assessments and feedback, you can manage people's impression towards you and also improve your efficiency at work.
Our programs are structured to keep participants engaged. We make sure there are clearly defined activities that are relevant to their career fields and at the same time will help them navigate the waters of particular roles more effectively. Apart from giving them the necessary work skills, such structured learning and work experience also impart wisdom on matters like adapting to an office environment, making a good and lasting impression, communicating effectively with others, and resolving difficult situations. All these will significantly contribute in helping you stand out in the job market.


Getting into a any of our mentorship and employment assistance programs is not just about career development. It also supports your personal development. Since you will be working with people in another city or country throughout the course of the program, you will discover how to establish new communication norms. You will also learn how to be more self-sufficient, doing research and tasks on your own and overcoming challenges with minimal supervision from your direct supervisor. These experiences will push you into doing things that are outside of your comfort zone and will shape you in becoming proactive and flexible--both of which are invaluable in most working environments.

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Added Benefits

Reference to Boost
Your CV

Majority of today’s employers point to work experience as one of the biggest factors they look for when hiring candidates for full time positions. This only means that having your work experience gained through our mentorship and employment assistance program presented in your CV is crucial to to get the attention of hiring managers.

On top of providing you with valuable work experience, we will also help you receive an in-depth reference from the organisation that will be hosting your placement. What this can do is to demonstrate your competencies to hiring managers, which should enhance your prospects for future employment. Take note that to receive a reference, we encourage participants who have completed any of our programs to submit a request for the issuance of the aforesaid document so we can coordinate the matters with their host organisations.

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Total Flexibility

The opportunity to telecommute is one of the biggest draws of our mentorship and employment assistance programs. You can work remotely around 15-30 hours each week at a time that fits your current schedule. You can choose where you work provided that it is convenient for you, whether it is at home, in a public library, or your favourite coffee shop. This is a very attractive way to gain real work experience because you can avoid the hassle of commute. The level of flexibility is also quite high, letting you take control of your schedule and pace and enabling you to stick with your current commitments. Just make sure to coordinate with your direct supervisor or mentor regularly so you know exactly what tasks you need to do and you do not miss out on the important stuff.

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Ongoing Support

We understand that a remote work arrangement might feel like socially isolating given that the people you will be working with are in a different city or country. You might even think that access to help is difficult, especially at a crucial time when you are assigned to work on a task or project. This is not the case with us, though.

We make it a point to make our programs feel like traditional internships in a sense that there is someone on hand to help participants right from the get go. We have staff who are just a call or email away to provide the support you need throughout the program. They will assist you with everything, from interview and spot confirmation to match-making and placement process. With that, all you have to do is focus on doing good in your delegated tasks whilst enjoying the work flexibility our programs provide.

On top of that, we have professional career mentors in our team. They are eager to work with participants through one-on-one mentoring, providing insights and practical advice on building your professional skills and achieving your career goals. You will receive the guidance you need to plan your career, ace interviews, and reach your full potential.

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