Valuable Partnerships That
Support Students' Success

Your Intern Experience provides students with world class mentorship and employment assistance programs that will contribute to their personal and professional growth. Over the years, we have received thousands of applications annually and have also placed thousands of students in roles that suit their career goals and motivations. To further help students expand their learning beyond the classroom and prepare themselves for the real world, we have been establishing partnerships not just with host organisations across varied career fields, but also with colleges and universities worldwide to make our programs more accessible. This shows are commitment in establishing and nurturing partnerships that enrich students' learning, development, and work experience.


Why Partner
with Us?

For many colleges and universities, helping students find suitable work placement is often a difficult and time-consuming process. It can also be a drain in resources given that it involves interviewing students to determine their career goals and motivations and coordinating with diverse organisations to find the right match.

Why go through all that trouble when you can partner with us to facilitate your students' work placement? Here are some reasons why this arrangement will be a good move for your college or university.

  • Have career professionals take care of determining students' preparedness for work experience placement and match them with the right roles and organisations.
  • Open up more work experience opportunities for students in their desired career fields.
  • Enable students to gain guaranteed work experience from some of the best organisations and under the supervision of industry experts in a global environment.
  • Positively impact the career prospects of students and also enhance the career services of your college or university.

Students' Career

Here at Your Intern Experience, we provide students access to structured work experiences through our mentorship and employment assistance programs. Each program is designed to contribute to students' career development, helping them acquire new skills that will make transitioning from college or university to work setting more manageable.

Our programs include in-depth interview for each participant; professional assessments and feedback; one-on-one mentoring with an industry expert; and clearly defined training and tasks. When participants get placed, they report directly to a supervisor or senior staff, who will also act as their mentor and guide throughout the program. Working closely with someone experienced in a particular career field will familiarise them with job responsibilities and expose them to challenges that are not found in textbooks. It will also help them establish a business relationship they can leverage on for future references. In addition, participants are given access to our support team that will readily assist them at every stage of the program.

Upon completion of the program, all participants automatically become members of our network of alumni. This will enable them to communicate with each other and share insights and advice about career challenges, opportunities and responsibilities.

With the skills and work experience students will gain from our programs, they will have the competitive edge that will boost their CVs and make them stand out among their peers. More importantly, they will become more marketable to hiring employers, increasing their chances of landing a full-time position that can turn into a long-standing career in their preferred field.

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We take our participants' privacy seriously. As such, any information we obtained from them will only be shared to a limited number of people. These include members of our admissions and placement teams that are responsible for processing their application and placement as well as the host organisations where participants will be placed. We have put the necessary measures in place to maintain the confidentiality and security of the information provided to us.
Before we partner with any organisation interested to become a program host, we do our due diligence to make sure they are capable of providing relevant work experience to participants. Likewise, the information we have about host organisations will be shared to participants so they have an idea about the organisations' nature of business, recruiting process, requirements and expectations, and work responsibilities.
We are all for students' personal and career development. This is why our programs encompass training and tasks that participants have to undertake to expose themselves to the responsibilities of the professional roles they wish to pursue and to gain in-depth understanding of the career fields they want to be a part of. Aside from these, regular feedback or performance reviews are provided by direct supervisors to help participants learn and grow and determine if they are meeting employers' expectations.
Although our programs are done remotely, we strive to maintain a working environment where participants are adequately supported. Our team is always available to address enquiries and assist participants when issues arise in relation to their placement. We have observed that by making support readily available, participants are able to become more motivated and productive knowing that they have someone to get in touch with in case of any problem.
Our communication lines are always open so students can easily contact us in case of emergencies. This is also to allow colleges or universities to stay updated if there are changes made in any of our programs. Put it simply, maintaining an open communication is our way of ensuring participants and colleges or universities that we are committed to help everyone involved in our programs in any way we can.

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