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Access Talented Students, Graduates and Career Changers Through Our Mentorship and Employment Assistance Programs

Does your organisation need trainees or interns who can do work remotely? If so, Your Intern Experience is here to help you source the right talents for your needs. We are experts in recruting students and graduates from different colleges and universities around the world. We also have experience sourcing professionals who are looking to build their work experience in a new field so they can move to a different career.

We recruit individuals with background and interest in specific career fields and are eager to be mentored by industry professionals. They are also enthusiastic about the idea of performing functions and assignment that reflect situations in a real workplace, so they can be exposed to the realities of the career they aspire to pursue and develop skills that will enhance their employability. We have already placed numerous candidates within our partner organisations, allowing them to gain valuable work experience that helped them secure graduate-level jobs.

There is no better time to join our growing network of partner organisations than today. Increasing numbers of would-be trainees or interns from universities and colleges are seeking for organisations that can give them relevant work experience, and our team can connect you to them. By partnering with us, you do not have to waste time sorting through hundreds of applications each day and risk the possibility of making a wrong hire. Your Intern Experience will be the one to supply your organisation with top talents who can work for you on a remote arrangement for a certain period of time.

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Why Choose Us?


We do not charge our partner organisation for recruiting interns through us. That means your organisations only has to agree to be a host and we will take care of the recruiting and placement process.

Tailored Solution

We consider the sector you operate in as well as your needs before we set out in finding interns for your organisation. Once we have determined your staffing requirements, our admission and placement teams go to work, sourcing and screening candidates from our applicant pool and from our partner colleges and universities. We then forward candidates matching your requirements and let you have full autonomy on selecting those who are a good fit for your organisation.

Ongoing Support

We do not just facilitate the recruitment aspect of the program. Once you have selected your preferred candidates, we will handle their placement process so you do not have worry about anything else. All you have to do is focus on providing quality mentoring and work experience to the participants of the program.

Valuable Addition

Having interns in your teams can bring about benefits to your organisation that you likely have not realised. These include getting fresh ideas and perspectives, which can spark motivation and action; reduction of employees' workload; and management and leadership practice for senior employees.

Potential Hires

By partnering with us, our internship programs can open up possibilities for discovery of new talents that you likely will not find through conventional hiring methods. Choosing to hire interns who have already "tested the waters" will minimise your risk of having a bad hire and at the same time will save your organisation time and cost that would otherwise go to recruitment.

Hassle-Free Hiring

We establish professional yet meaningful relationships with our partner organisations and use our expertise to provide them with talented interns. Participants of our programs are able to benefit from these relationships by getting placed in roles within their preferred career fields, paving the way for them to hone their skills, gain valuable work experience, network with industry professionals, and get their foot in the door.

When you choose to partner with us and become a part of our network of host organisations, we will give you access to high calibre graduates and undergraduates whom you can hire as interns. The great thing about our service is that we will not charge you for anything and the process will not cause any disruption to your operation.

To proceed, simply fill out the form provided above and send it back to us. One of our staff will then contact you to discuss your staffing needs. Once we have the information we need, our admissions and placement teams will start working to source candidates who fit your requirements and forward their profiles to you. From there, you may opt to arrange interviews to know the candidates better or immediately choose those you would like for your organisation to mentor and provide work experience.

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What Our Partner Organisations Say About Us

Practical Experience & Hand-on Learning

It was nice working with Your Intern Experience. Your team has found us hard working interns who are very eager to learn and gain work experience. The program worked well for us in a way that having new people motivated our senior employees to work on their management skills. In return, the interns got the opportunity to learn from professionals who are very experienced in the sector. It was a win-win situation for everyone.

Brandon Gibson

Head of Volunteers, Not-for-Profit Organisation

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