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Getting into one of our mentoring and employment assistance programs is one of the best ways to build your job skills and work experience in preferred career field, and it is as straightforward as it gets. Complete everything remotely and flexibly, alongside your existing commitments. With its self-paced design, you can spend 20-30 hours a week (within a 3- to 5-month duration) getting real-world work experience in a role that fits your educational background and career goals. What’s more, you will receive ongoing support, guidance and feedback from a dedicated mentor, helping you stay focused and letting you learn from an industry professional. Take a closer look at the specifics of the program.


01Practical Knowledge and Hands-On Learning

An essential part of the program is the set of assigned tasks that reflect actual day to day functions. For instance, if you get into the finance and accounting program, you will be assisting in preparing financial statements, doing account reconciliations, reviewing payments and much more.


02Work Skills and Experience That Give You Competitive Edge

Given the broad range of tasks you will be completing, you will acquire real-world job skills as well as valuable accounting experience that many of today’s employers are looking for in potential candidates. With these, you will have a better chance of getting into the job role you are interested in later on.


03Focused Mentoring from an Industry Professional

Regardless of the organisation you will be placed in, a mentor will be working with you throughout the program. Use this as an opportunity to build a supportive, healthy relationship with your mentor which should have immediate and long-term benefits to you on a professional level. These include increased self-confidence, enhanced job understanding, improved interpersonal skills, and guidance on professional development and advancement.


04Constructive Feedback

Being mentored is not just a valuable opportunity to learn directly from an industry expert. It is also an effective means for professional development and advancement. Having the guidance and constructive feedback of a trusted mentor will allow you to develop your strengths and identify your weaknesses and overcome them. Ultimately, these will lead you to a brighter career path in the future and will also help improve your performance once you start working.


05Ongoing Support from a Dedicated Team

Since the program is done remotely, our dedicated team will always be available to assist you. Easily reach out to us by phone or email if you have questions or concerns so we can address them immediately.


06Employment Assistance

Once you have completed the mentoring and work experience aspect of the program, we follow it up with employment support to further increase your chances of landing a job. Benefit from professional referencing, CV analysis and enhancement, interview coaching and preparation, career advice and many more.

Remotely and Flexibly Gain Valuable Work

As a participant of Your Intern Experience’s accountancy mentoring and employment assistance program, you have the power to take control of when and where you will undertake the program. Work 20 – 30 hours each week at home, in campus, or at your favourite coffee shop. Just be sure to complete your assigned tasks and submit them to your mentor on or before the agreed deadline. Here is what a typical work schedule looks like that you can follow when you undertake the program:


Supporting Your
Career Journey

The program does not end once you have completed the mentoring and work experience. To show how committed we are in helping you get into your preferred career field, we offer employment assistance to help you prepare and transition into a new job role. Here are some of the areas we can help you with:

We will coordinate with your host organisation to provide you with a reference and recommendation. These should help show prospective employers your capabilities as a professional as well as your work ethics.
We will analyse and enhance your CV and cover letter so as to improve their structure and better highlight your strengths. This way, everything will flow consistently and will make it easier for hiring employers to go over your application documents and notice your capabilities.
We will provide strategic job search assistance by giving you information on job hiring and career fairs. Additionally, our dedicated team will offer you career advice to further grow your confidence and steer your search to the right direction.
We will provide interview coaching to help you prepare for an actual interview. We have career coaches in our team who can provide you with interview exercises to improve the way you answer questions and present yourself to prospective employers and also to give your self-confidence a boost.

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