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Welcome, Parents! This page is dedicated to provide answers to some of the biggest questions you have about your child's Work Experience. As opposed to traditional internship where participants are required to go to and from office to get work experience, our programs are remote and flexible, meaning they can be undertaken anywhere. Yet, participants still get real-world work experience tailored to their career motivations and goals and under the supervision of industry experts.

Our team will be with your child throughout the process, from the application and interview assessment to role placement. We have placed of participants in various host organisations, making us extensively experienced in this field.



Mentonship & Employee Assistance Programs

We know that experiential learning fosters students' success inside and outside the classroom and significantly contributes to their future career endeavours. This is why we strongly support such form of learning and made it our mission to provide individivuals access to quality and structured mentoring and employment assistance programs in their career field of choice and with companies that are equally willing to share their expertise in shaping future professionals.

Through the years of our service, we have placed thousands of participants in roles that suit their educational background, personalities, and career goals and motivations. We have found them host organisations across different industries, both in the private and public spheres.

Our work also enables us to establish long-lasting relationships with a number of organisations that are equally supportive of experiential learning. They have opened up their doors to provide mentoring and work experience to college/university students and graduates as well as career switchers, and at the same time use our programs to discover new talents, some of whom they eventually hired for full-time employment.

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Valuable Gains

One of the major things our programs are proven to deliver is that of career development. Being able to receive guidance and mentoring from industry experts and have hands-on exposure to professions in the workforce give participants conceptual understanding of the demands, challenges, and situations in a professional setting.

For your child, that means development of knowledge, skills, and work experiences that today's employers seek for in candidates. What's more, your child would establish high-value business relationships with professionals that he/she can tap into for future references.

Put it simply, your child will have an amazing work experience that will not only get his/her foot on the door, but could also be the start of a career in the field he/she wants to be a part of.
Career development aside, our programs also provide participants the opportunity to grow personally. Engaging in hands-on and relevant work with minimal supervision will allow your child to get out of his/her comfort zone and overcome challenges on his/her own. Also, the remote arrangement of the program will help your child improve his/her self-discipline and time management and communication skills.

Rest assured that although your child will be working remotely, our support team will always be on hand to provide assistance at every stage of the program, ensuring a smooth and meaningful work experience.
Given the flexibility and remote nature of our programs, your child does not have to go far away from home to gain valuable and relevant work experience. Add to that is the fact that he/she can render 15-30 hours of work per week in a way that fits his/her current schedule. These equate to time and cost savings that traditional and international internships cannot provide.

Program Exclusives

Delegated Tasks

An important aspect of our programs is the tasks provided to participants. These activities are designed to expose your child to the range of responsibilities common to the career he/she is planning to pursue. The tasks are developed and structured by experts, thereby ensuring their quality and coverage. Your child can gain transferrable skills that he/she can use to easily adapt to the office environment later on and boost his/her career prospects.

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One-on-One Mentoring

A mentoring session is common practice in all our mentorship and employment assistance programs. Your child will receive advice and guidance from his/her direct supervisor in relation to carrying out delegated tasks and addressing issues that may arise at work. Your child will also have access to our team of career mentors who can give him/her practical advice on such matters as interview techniques, making good impression in the workplace, effectively communicating with others, and building a personal brand, just to name a few.

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Ongoing Support

We have full-time staff who are ready to provide assistance to participants of our programs. From the time your child submits his/her application for consideration to the point when he/she starts with the program, our support team will be there at every stage. This is one way of showing our commitment in helping students get the best work experience that will significantly contribute in shaping their future.

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Other Program

If your child passes our interview and is offered a spot in any of our mentoring and employment assistance programs, he/she will need to confirm the spot with an initial deposit of 600 GBP within 7 days of his/her acceptance.

Take note that spots for our programs tend to get filled easily. The deposit will function as a reservation and will allow us to initiate the match-making and placement process. The deposit can be fully refunded if our placement team is unable to get a placement for your child for his/her first and second choice of career field. However, we do not offer refunds for cases when participants personally choose to withdraw from the program for whatever reason.

Please go to the page of the career field preference of your child for more information about the program fees.
We work with a variety of organisations, from small and medium businesses, to entrepreneurial startups, to international companies. These organisations operate across sectors in the private and public spheres, and some of them are not-for-profit. These professional relationships allow us to place participants in roles within the career fields that interest them.

Please go to the dedicated page of the career field your child is interested in to find out more about the program and its specifics.
The total fee you need to pay for the the virtual internship program is just one-off and all-inclusive. There will be no additional costs to shoulder once your child starts with the mentoring and employment assistance program.

Rest assured that the amount you will pay for will be well worth every pound as your child will gain real-world work experience in a role that suits his/her career motivations and aspirations. On top of that, this could be an opportunity to network with professionals in his/her chosen career field and increase his/her chances of landing a full-time job with a good company. Think of our program as an investment into your child's future.
Be able to save in the following areas when you let your child undertake our mentoring and employment assistance program. Accounting Work Experience Program
We have an awesome team that is always ready to provide assistance and support at every stage of the mentorship and employment assistance program. Each staff has in-depth understanding of the worries and concerns associated with work placements. So whether it is about finding the right host organisation or issues communicating with assigned supervisors or mentors, our team is committed to provide the best level of professional service possible to ensure quick resolution to problems. We believe that having a hard working team to support participants throughout the course of the program is one of the best ways to give them a worthwhile experience that will contribute to their professional and personal growth and development.
We want our mentorship and employment assistance programs to be the best they can be. So beyond the training and tasks that keep participants busy, we also work with host organisations to have their own feedback systems in place. Whether it is informal or constructive, providing participants feedback about their work gives them a true measure of whether or not they are performing and meeting employer's expectations. It also makes them more receptive and at the same time encourages them to take action so they can do better.

Based on what we have observed, professional feedback is a crucial factor for participants to achieve success not only during the internship, but also throughout their careers. On the part of host organisations, they have noticed that providing feedback improves the level of engagement among the participants they mentor.
Communication is something that we take seriously. After all, this is what allows us to better understand the needs of participants and provide the support they need throughout the program. In this respect, we provide several means on how participants can communicate with our team. Whether it is through phone, email, or social media messaging, we always keep our communication lines open.

We will establish a process on how your child can get in touch with us before he/she begins with the program. Establishing this early on enables us to avoid pointless contact attempts.
To ensure that we provide quality service at all times, we invest in good technology to communicate with host organisations and participants and to make the interview and placement process as hassle-free as possible. Likewise, we work hard in our marketing campaigns so we can get our message across, reach more people, and encourage them to undertake our programs for the numerous benefits they provide.

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